KLAWTEX for Purple Passion


Available for latex consultation every Saturday 12pm-8pm at Purple Passion and by appointment.

-Complex custom orders average between 6-8 weeks.  (RUSH available 1-2 weeks)

-Simple repairs etc average 3-4 weeks.  (RUSH  available 2 days-1 week)

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Hemming, Patching and Reducing

1 inch simple patch- $15

1-3 inches: Plain seams- $30; Reinforced or Grommeted seams- $45; 3-6 inches: Plain- $35; Reinforced or Grommeted- $60

Taper Arms (set) $125; Taper Legs (set) $90


Replacing/Repair: Under 6 inches- $60; 6-12 inches- $90; 12-18 inches- $125; Long, Catsuit and Vac Bed Zippers- $180


Making and Adding new zipper (to a garment that didn’t have one before):

Under 6 inches- $90; 6-12- $125; 12-18- $180; Longer- $250

Customizing- $35/ hour

Design (applique, monogram etc)- 2 hours average

Ruffles- 3-6 inch= appx 1 hour   Bows- 1 hour per

Lace and other fabric embellishments- 2+ hours

Adding or Replacing a Panel (to enlarge, change color, or reshape) appx 3-5 hrs

Replacing or adding grommets- appx 2-4 hrs (plus hardware cost, avg $1 per grommet)

Construction/Reconstruction, Replication, Inflatables, and other customizations- Vary per Request.

Cleaning and Conditioning

Shirts- $35; Skirts- $35; Dresses- $55; Catsuits- $75; Vac Beds- $90

Stockings, Gloves, Hoods and other accessories; $25

(discount available for multiple items, and for customers utilizing any of the above services)

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