Sexy Doppelganger in SF


“A” was a cute girl, a sexy girl, and we had a lot of fun.  This year she was even my Valentine.

Its been a while since I picked up a girl at a bar but this time I could feel that she just wanted me, and well she was my type.

Curvy, round breasts, full lips, and long black hair…sound like anyone else we know? Thats right, I am my own type…so when I find girls like me, Im all over it….

After my fun few days with ‘A’ and my lovely kinky friends in SF, I knew I needed to document some of my lust adventures with her, I just couldnt keep my hands off her.  With her long black hair and my matching blue neglige, we pawed at each other at Dr.K’s house, my photographer from way back when.

kisssmall She expressed an interest in getting into bondage modeling, so the shoot sort of took on a few forms, first some full frontal and palyful shots to send out to various companies, and then I got a chance to play with her…..but actually the photo you see to the left is just of the two fo us making out.  the pictures of us on the white rug together, fooling around actually turned bitenipsmallout quite good, and I think they have a lot of potential, in animated form to be a full on art piece.

But Im not discounting the beautiful shot of us together playing, especially with rope.  She had never been tied up before, or modeled before so sometimes we had to simply fool around to put her at ease.  She is so fucking sexy, I cant stop thinking about her even now.

And she is barely 21….all alone in a debaucherous town like San Francisco, free to drink and alliechokesmallfuck the night away!

While wrapping the ropes around her, she asked me to choke her, which was very sexy but also surprising from someone so inexperienced as her.  So i gently wrapped the ropes around her neck, feeling her out and seeing if she liked it…this made her purr like a kitten and grind hard into my legs.  I could feel myself riling up against her as i wrapped a second time,allieboundsmall around her neck and slif my hands down her chest and grabbed her one pierced nipple.

I have never played with such a fun newbie, and one I was so interested in alone in the small room she rents in North Beach….YUM!  I hope I can find some like her in Berlin to keep me warm!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on February 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sexy Doppelganger in SF”

  1. Do you have higher res pics of your Shoot.

  2. Oh. Mein. Gott.

  3. […] more pics here: […]

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