Sex List of 2009- Notches on this years BEDPOST!

A Full and complete list of my exploits.

2009 was a busy year for me, sexually and otherwise.  A lot of travel, and swinging bachelorette-hood….and I find that the transition periods in my life, such as moving from city to city all year, lead to more raucous romping!

Statistics first:

Total People I Fucked: 37      Total Women: 9  Total Men: 28    1-nighters: 12  New lovers: 30

Threesomes: 6     Gang Bang/Orgies: 6    Porn (not solo):  4   Sex work: 6

Total I fisted: 3    Strap On Sex: 9    Vanilla sex: 14

countries fucked in: 3      cities fucked in: 11     scares/exposure/broken condom: 8

break ups: 5   broken hearts: 3

# of times tested: 6   CLEAN!!!!

Now for the short descriptions!!!!! with PHOTOS

The year began as many have before, fucking my Rockabilly ExBF. He’s like dick behind glass, break in case of emergency.  Now I dont live in the same city as he does, so I fucked him while his band was on tour in Cali.  He has cheated on all his gf’s with me for the last few years.  Sleazy rocker sex.

Next was a schizophrenic friend-of-a-friend, boring and lame, but I did fucmk him in between shoots at Hardtied, and that made my fantasy while fucking hotter

PD of formerly Insex….and yes it was amazing, would do it again.

Next was the Czech guy….ugh he was too sappy.

Xian, the Dutch/Brazilian,   his dick was small but he was very enthusiastic

And then the Lovely Allie G, in SF.  Such a hottie.  Star of newbie bondage and the lesbian art flick I made:

more pics here:

Then Ayem Willing and I had a little romp, which I consider unfinished business, and we need to finish the deed 🙂

Then the Rocky Horror Mogul of LA and now Berlin.  He was so hot, and we had such great chemistry, definitely on my list of people to run into again.

a string of Berlin one night stands of varying goodness that let me ease into my fun in Germany….

then there is my Italian boyfriend in Berlin….such a cutie.  There may be more of that to come in the future, the passion there was so high, but he has a problem with my kinky lifestyle, see Poly Betrayal:

Then the strong of one nighters when I returned to the  US and moved to DC…

Then the Texan.  Not sure what the fuck I was thinking with that one.  The sex was ok, and I actually spent some time in Dallas which is kinda nuts, but god was that AWFUL!

TESFest Gang Bang of Rita Seagrave:  Me, Danielle dv8, Jocasta of Venus Ropes, Calico and a bunch of others and I took turns with the lovely Miss Seagrave, and then formed one long train where 5 of us were all strap on fucking at one time!  yay!  FUN!

Tes Fest gang bang #2, me receiving:  Danielle dv8 and Calico took turns fucking me while the lovely Lolita single tailed them and Nayland stood on my hands wearing a straight jacket.  Such a hot scene, and I discovered that being fucked while someone was standing on my hands was where it was at for me!!!  And thus started my relationship with Danielle dv8 and my uber lust for gang bangs!  bring em on folks!

At Leather Retreat IlRe and Rhianna and I did a hot scene:  I suspended Rhianna above me, while I did self bondage underneath her to have us in a crab tied 69.  We ate each other out while IlRe used the Fucks-All on us taking turn.  We were also on the floating bed so we were rocking intensely to the beat of the power tool dildo!

Later gang bang #3 of the year was with Glenda Rider and L, and a few others, I double fisted her and shoved everything in the room into her, while others tagged in and out and watched.  All in cabin OINK!

Conrad, the hot little Pro Dom in NY finally got to fuck me, and it was amazing, yet I havent felt the need to go back for more quite yet.  He’s nice and we play naked repairman as he does things around my house and I serve him tea. Fine fetish fun!

Then there is the DarkhandsomeStranger, a Pick Up Artist who coaches men how to play “The Game”.  Unfortunately his game is not that good, but he did manage to get me a few times and even get an invite to play with me and Calico at home in my decadent bedroom.  He’s my new NY Dick behind glass

Then a brief flirtation with a D/s relationship, my first with me as the s in the equation.  I did really respond to that energy, and I wish it would have worked, but his vanilla lifestyle and limitations were too much for me to risk considering going deeper.  Now however he cured me of my fear of choking, and I began anal training so Im much improved, but confused as to whether D/s or submission lies ahead for me.

Le Baron, my current NY beau of sorts.  He is super kinky, and likes to switch it up, but somehow he isnt exciting enough for me.  I need to be fucked a lot more than he seems to be pitching so far, but we’ll see.  We have plans to have an ongoing porn project which I very much look forward to and if that develops you’ll be seeing a lot more of the two of us soon!

Did some Domming and Escort work this year, as well as some private foot sessions and of course niteflirt.  Im definitely riding the wave of sex work lust at the moment, so dont be shy 🙂

I sucked some dick for Danielle’s Cocksucking and Deep Throating class at, that was cool.

And then the Sex Party:  Lolita Wolf, Nayland Blake, Mina Meow, Secret Freak, Danielle dv8 and myself got together in Brooklyn for a night of strap ons, debauchery, bondage, and much cumming. Fun moments were Nayland sucking my feeldo dick which made me cum, me sucking Lolita’s dick until she came, my footjob under Nayland’s tu-tu, and of course fucking Mina with the Njoy 11 serving as our very heavy and cold double dong!  I took the bog end of that monster, and they had to gag me to keep me quiet!  fun fun fun!

So thats my sexy year in review!  tune in next time for more sexy exploits!

~ by Klawdya Rothschild on December 31, 2009.

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