Rubber Life by 3xL: book review

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One thing is for certain about latex, once you get converted you definitely want to spread the good word. And why wouldn’t you? That way not only do you get to enjoy wearing it but you get to see others all dolled up in your favourite duds.

Spreading the latex gospel is exactly what 3XL does in his inspired book “Rubber Life” out this year (2011). The book is filled with many personal accounts, some incredible latex imagery (personal favourites are page 35 and page 77), and even provides thorough info on where to buy, how to measure for custom latex, latex care, inside looks into some of the best international fetish parties, cultivating an online presence, and of course the book’s main focus—how to find others with a love of latex.

There are many tips and tricks that even a consummate latex wearer may find helpful such as measuring instructions on 36-37, dressing tips including how to shave on 47, cleaning and storage on 52, how to discuss your fetish with current and prospective partners on 59-60, not to be creepy!  72, and honesty in your presentation 82-83

The book has an interesting approach, beginning with accepting yourself and coming out as a fetishist, that ensures it will dwell next to important lifestyle books such as “When Someone you love is Kinky” “SM101” and “Opening Up.” “Rubber Life” is peppered with images of his own journey to finding latex happiness and a gorgeous latex enthusiast wife. This peer-to-peer approach encourages you to understand your own kink and/or to accept the kinks of others you may not personally enjoy— and does so in a charming down-to-earth manner, while discussing many what about latex makes it so aesthetically and sensuously pleasing.  To 3XL’s credit, this is done without feeling clinical or oversimplified, but rather feels like a chat with a new friend about sexy likes and dislikes.  The palpable excitement the author is compelling and thus has the power to be very contagious J

While, like me, you may be confused by the separation of latex fetish from the umbrella of BDSM and the tread-lightly approach to non-latex SM (especially in cautioning those exploring SM from the submissive side), and you may also o_0 at the gender-specific advice in the Photo Tips section on 84, however I believe the author elegantly makes no secret that he speaking from his own experience, and while that experience- an into-women, male, latex fetishist, may not be your own perspective, it’s such a warm, honest, and inviting voice that any reader can identify with the message: get your tight, shiny, pervy kink on!

Latex Fashion Show Story (from Red Umbrella)

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I was invited to tell a story at Red Umbrella Diaries on Sept 1  about my experiences in the Fashion and Sex Work.

Here is the story I told (minus the ad-libbing, but plus extra pics!)

How does one dress for sex work? There aren’t sex work catalogs that list out different uniforms for the nuances of prostitute personalities.

-some Strip clubs tell the dancers whether to wear pasties, a bikini or a gown

-Role play scenarios make it easier, the Naughty Nurse, slutty schoolgirl, the Pin up princess.

But what about when youre crafting your own brand, marketing the image of your sexwork?

When I first went independent as a Pro Domme, on my own, no longer working in a Dungeon or catering to a small scene, I did some research and I encountered “the rules”  These rules were enforced by a group– that discretion bids me leave un-named , and were the criterion to being a true Woman of Power. including:

-Being over 25—Failed that one, (im all of 19 when I found the rules, but pretending to be 25).

-Having at least 3 separate outfits that convey your craft and mastery- got that one covered

-You must never referr to yourself as submissive, a switch, or presentyourself in image, word, or action as less than Dominant- no problem, when I was starting out I too saw power as black or white.

The message was clear– image was everything.  Altho I was trained by old guard Masterly types in the DC fetish scene I was barely 19, Domming since 17, and thus was faking it till I made it. So, now on my own in Pittsburgh, pretending to be 25 and dangerously at risk of being called a GWW, a Goth with Whip, I took note. It wasn’t just my ego at stake, it was also my personal brand, and that meant paying the bills (and of course being able to buy the latex I couldn’t otherwise afford 😉

Flash forward a few years, and a few too many stalkers later, and I decide its time to transition away from being a Pro Domme and into the illustrious vocation of Fetish Artist- read: switch, model, performer, visual artist, designer the moon the stars and the kitchen sink. I was tired of the rigid role I had been confined to, and I wanted more.  But could I transition?

I moved back to DC, and was hired as the House Domme of BOUNDDC, which filled my weekends while I went to art school, toured for photoshoots and my self-bondage performances.  That’s when I began making art out of latex, and latex clothing shortly thereafter. It was exhilarating to be designing clothes that others would wear for their sexytime, and even better to be able to concoct my own custom fantasies for all the new shades of grey from which I previously hid.

However my grayscale would soon be tested during my first fashion show at BOUND (Designing in collaboration with SLYX Fashions). As the House Domme, I had a certain image to maintain, however sometimes my Domly Dommeness was at odds with my desire to rebrand and broaden my horizons— not to mention entice more varied play partners for my own private sexcapades.  Nonetheless, it took me a long time to cut the Domme image and glue it back together as the mosaic you see before you today.

It went like this-

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Latex Clothing Making CLASS!

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Adding an Inch (KLAWTEX)

I am teaching my very popular Latex Clothing Making class at Purple Passion on Sept 22, from 7-9 pm. Space is limited to

10 people because of its intensive hands-on nature, and many spaces have already been reserved.  Cost of the class

includes the cost of materials to go home with your own new clothing items! Click the link below for the official class

description and to prepay online!

This class is great because its a chance for latex enthusiasts to learn

the delicate art of making their favourite clothing and use this opportunity to craft an item custom built for them, with that perfect fit!

In this class I will cover some techniques:


-Following and customizing a latex pattern

-Cutting and knife skills

– And insider tips that come from being in the latex biz for almost a decade!

Mask Pattern (KLAWTEX)

Everyone who comes to the class will have the opportunity to make one of three latex clothing items to take home with

them and enjoy:

-A thong



each one of these basic patterns presents a different set of challenges and builds upon the different skill areas we will be covering. The thong, with its curving lines requires a more skilled hand with the patterning, and often required some adjustment for size and proportion. The shorts with its long straight seams requires careful gluing to avoid air bubbles and uneven seams. The mask with its eye placement and narrow cuts requires a skilled knife to prevent jagged edges that could later tear your garment.

Many different colors and thicknesses will be discussed and available!

Hope to see you there!

Featured Designer: Latex Nemesis

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Nemesis is one of the coolest latex designers you’ll ever meet.  She’s fun, cool, lives like a rock star and looks good all the time.  I had the pleasure of meeting her and seeing some of her wares for the first time at Miss Rubber World 2010, she was a contestant and I was a judge.  I have MAD respect for anyone who makes their own, especially if its good 🙂

Latex Nemesis is well known for her expertly crafted hoods.  You can tell a nemesis hood for a few reasons:

It fits well, smoothly and the seams are even and flat;

The detailing around the eyes and mouth  is her trademark, making a sleek and sexy point. Some hood even have dramatic cat eyes that extend the full side of the hood.

However she also has a connoisseur’s understanding of the importance of options for your hair with hoods.

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Cleaning Latex- How to

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Cleaning your latex is important.  The oils in your skin, let alone all the fun fluids it comes into contact decrease the life of your latex. Regularly cleaning your latex can extend the lifespan of your favourite second skin.

Run the water until it’s likewarm, and the sink or tub is just full enough to cover the top of your garment and then let it soak.  Make sure the basin is completely clean before you fill it up.  It is important that the latex never touches cold or hot water, as both extreme temperatures hurt the material.

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KLAWTEX: Custom Latex

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As some of you know, I’m now the resident Latex Maven for Purple Passion, New York’s Pansexual Lifestyle S&M Fetish shop located in Chelsea.

This means I’ve been doing a lot of custom work, repairs, alterations and dreaming and scheming for all you latex lovers like myself.

Here are some of the custom pieces I have made for customers at Purple Passion so far in 2011!

(click to enlarge or for additional information about the piece!)

NEW CLASS!! Sacred Sex: Ritual of Intent

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Inspired by Barak of Winter Wickedness I have created a new highly focused class on Sacred Sexuality!

I am teaching this delectable marvel at, you guess it, Winter Wickedness in 2011,  just 1 month from now!!

Here’s the description:

Sacred Sex: Ritual of Intent

Sexuality is a powerful force, it drives us and can inspire us with immense creativity. Learning to direct and channel that force is not only an incredibly useful skill but engages our being with our environment and fellow beings. In this class we will learn the building block to sexual energy working to create an intentional atmosphere of potency among participants, as well as charging a talisman that can be used in future sacred sexual journeys. Come with a clean body and an open mind– this is a group ritual and you may be asked to interact with strangers in an intimate setting. Personal objects for comfort or Ritual/Magickal use are encouraged, however must be declared and explained at the beginning of the class. No late entry, No early departure, all who come must participate.

See you in Ohio!!

Kinky Craft Classes

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For Bondage Classes: Click Here For Gender play Classes: Click Here For Sacred Sexuality Classes: Click here

  • Latex Clothing Making, Alteration, and Repair

Latex is so nice, but often very expensive and so fragile!   Using a basic pattern we will construct a small garment from scratch that will show you how to make your own fun latex projects at home.  Bring your busted latex clothes and we will cover creative solutions to repair and add notions like applique and zippers. This class will also cover making minor alterations to get a perfect fit, or for sizing issues.  We will also discuss care for latex clothing as well as current companies that sell latex fashions and sheet latex.  Whether a confirmed latex enthusiast or simply latex curious this class will make your latex dreams into latex realities.

  • DIY Rope Treatment

Rope Rope everywhere, how will you know what to pick!

In this class I will go over finishing techniques, from whipping to knotting, for converting long lengths and raw skeins of rope and other quick and easy ways to prepare your rope at home. I will go over the ways to evaluate the differences between the synthetic and natural fibers, how to dye rope (synthetic and natural), core vs non core rope the hows and whys of each, and an overview of fiber differences from Nylon, to Cotton, to Hemp, to Jute, to silk etc. I will also introduce rope making techniques that allow you to spin fabric and other fibers into rope!

  • Mummification and Immobilzation ALT

Great for medical play, or to have a perfect record of yor journey life casting, casting and other hard and set materials make a great play gift that keeps on giving!  Plaster gauze, casting, quick set medical grade rubbers, liquid latex and more can transform your mummy into a science fiction, mad scientist, or Venus D Milo.  Like with Mummies and Immobiles 1 total skin coverage materials, techniques and safety considerations with an introduction to sensory deprivation to supplement your total take-over, but this time learn how to preserve, mold and cast yoru subject for permanent or one shot use.

  • Intro to Kinky Crafts

This tailor made class for you introduces some different types of radical and kinky crafts in three different parts.  As background and introduction we will start off with a slideshow of some extreme craft work from my own portfolio and my colleagues, then move into a new hands on skill—Choose from: 1) Home Dyeing techniques for Rope and Yarn; 2) Felting 3)Life Casting 4) Knitting/Crocheting — and then we will end with a roundtable to discuss and share our own skills and stories of crafts and pervert-ables with one another!  Hopefully everyone will walk away with new ideas, new techniques, and/or a new craft circle of buddies to collaborate with.

descriptions coming soon for:

Fibers: Knit, Lace Tatting, Crochet, Macrame and Play!

Life Casting

Special FX Make up: Prosthetics and Customizables

DC GRUE Press Release!

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For Immediate Release

Contact: (412) 901 1216

August 16, 2010

Novices and Experts Alike Gather for Skill-Share and Party

Open Format Sexualities “Un-Conference”, GRUE, comes to Washington DC

Graydancer’s Rope UnConference Extravaganza, or GRUE, began August 17th, 2007 in Madison, WI and included a beta group of 30 Hand-Picked Participants. Since then there have been 17 GRUEs across the U.S. and Canada, with 9 more scheduled through 2011.  The philosophy of the participant-driven un-conference relies of four fundamentals:

1) Whoever comes are the right people; 2) Whatever happens is the only thing that could have; 3) However long it takes is exactly enough; 4) When it’s over, it’s over.

As long as people have sought ways to spice up their sex life, the savvy have gathered to share their wisdom and tell tales of their accomplishments.  At the unstructured and unpredictable GRUE what these amounts to is a wide assortment of people presenting on an even wider array of topics including, but not limited to: Kink, Chainmail, Gender and Queer Theory, Bellydancing, Safer Sex, Monogamy/ Polyamory, and of course a variety of Rope Bondage.  Since the introduction of the GRUE, the un-conference style has been adopted successfully at other events, most notably Kink For All, started March 2009 in New York City, and the now retired Sex 2.0, started in April 2008 in Atlanta.  Both of those un-conferences have had successful sessions in D.C.

Having gathered momentum over the last three years since its inception, the upcoming DC-GRUE promises to be a success. While being held at the famous BDSM lifestyle venue, the Crucible, DC-GRUE hopes to welcome many new and inexperienced locals into its fold.  The GRUE traditional program includes open format sessions, group discussions, a party, and a pancake breakfast. This unique DC-GRUE will include lunch and dinner as well as “After GRUE” an optional slumber party.

A GRUE participant in Toronto had this to say about his experience at the event:

“I found myself in intimate, experienced (both new and wise), visceral discussions about gender identity, jargon limitations, dialogues on submissive mindsets, and a rather intense exploration of cultural, racial, and tabooist prejudices (in and out of the scene) and the ethos surrounding exploring those fantasies.”

Toronto GRUE Participant


For more information, please contact:

Klawdya Rothschild, 412 901 1216

Sacred Sex and Sacred Whoredom- HANDOUT

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Sacred Sex and Whoredom Handout

Klawdya Rothschild

This is an introduction to Sex Work for spiritual purposes. Regardless of your paradigm these structures and methods can be applied to your own workings or experiments. Nothing I say here is truth, and all things are permitted.

Why Do Ritual Sex Work?

Magick/Ritual/Divination Five Models: Spirit, Psych., Info., Energy and Meta.

Sex Work– Sex or Sexual behaviors (including speech and flirtation) that is aimed at or

achieves some end other than simply having sex, or sexual gratification.

Sacred Whore– One whose body, spirit and magickal intent are used to serve the

divine, or available to be used by others to serve spiritual and magickal ends.

Different Roles and Approaches for Ritual Sex Work

Guardians: Serving the altar or temple by keeping the space and providing support.

Priests/esses: Adept who draws out and interprets, not necessarily as a host.

Vessel: One who hosts and receives energy and/or a spirit into their body.

Horse: A vessel in command of the Rider, such as to embody the divine or send messages.

Conduit: One transferring energy between persons or places, maybe Priest/ess or Vessel.

Battery/Charger: Energy stored in the body or one charging an object, place or person.

Healer: Someone divines curative info from sexual or to engage in a healing art (incl. sex!)

Godslaves: Those called to serve daily or at the whim of their Patron.

Invocation: Summoning ‘spirits’ directly, to experience them upon or in your person.

Evocation: Summoning for inspiration, interaction, to do your bidding, and/or info.

Goetic or Kabbalistic: Discipline where the magi have power, captures and commands spirits through seals, circles, exorcisms, bindings etc.

Mystical: Disciplines (Buddhism, Judeo/Cristian/Islamic, Summerian…..) that seek communion with the divine through ordeal, asceticism, worship, isolation etc.

Voudon, Greek, Egyptian, Inca: Work where reverence is made by worshippers to the divine through offerings and garners them direct material reward and/or punishment.

Feri, Angel (HGA) and Reclaiming: Practitioners connect to their God-Self to discover, align and traverse their soul’s path or true will.

Extra Reading

Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Francis Barrett, MacGregor Mathers, Aleister Crowley,Franz Bardon, Kenneth Grant, Christopher Hyatt, Francis King and Peter Carroll.

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